Be careful of Counterfit Goods.

We would like to bring to your attention the existence of counterfeit Balmer Watches sold in the market.

Such counterfeit Balmer Watches normally have the Balmer logo (or a version of a Balmer logo intentionally similar to genuine Balmer logo) on them and it can be hard to tell at first glance whether they are genuine or counterfeit.

However, in many cases the counterfeit products are of inferior quality and performance or simply do not work, and often do not comply with standards in force.

If the product you have purchased is a counterfeit Balmer Watch, please contact the distributor or seller where you purchased from, and consult them on your product.

Our Official Balmer Watch Store and our distributor Dalshire International only guarantee geniune Balmer Watches and offer an excellent customer service should you require assistance.

We have a zero tolerance policy regarding fake products, and we are fighting against the production and supply of such watches in order to keep you, our customers, safe and satisfied with our brand.

Please help us gain your trust by purchasing sensibly.

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