Everything you need to know about your Balmer Cobra Elegante

Balmer Cobra Elegante watch utilizes a Swiss made RONDA normtech 706.1 Movement with Minute/Hour/Second hands and a 28 day full Moon Phase complication.

Additionally it features 2 sub-dials displaying day and date which can be quickly modified using quick change buttons at the 4 and 8 O’clock positions

Caution: Blocking Period

The Swiss Movement used in your Balmer Cobra watch has a daily “Blocking Period” during which automatic adjustments are being made within the movement.

Manual adjustments should not be made to the watch movement during this time period.

For the Balmer Cobra watch model, this blocking period is between:

11:30 PM and 5:00 AM

Operating the Crown

Your New Balmer utilizes a “Screw Down Crown” to protect the movement against water and dust ingress.

In order to operate the settings on your watch, you must first unscrew the Crown by rotating it 2-3 turns in the anti-clockwise direction.

Do this gently until you will feel the Crown “spring out” To “Position 1”.

Setting the Moon Phase

  1. Unscrew the Crown to position “1” and then pull out the crown to position “2”. (The Second hand will stop moving)
  2. Rotate the crown continuously until the “Full Moon” is displayed in the center of the Moon Phase display. (remember this is a full 28 day Moon Phase display, not a Day/Night display)
  3. With the moon centered in the Moon Phase display, turn the crown until 6:00AM appears (this is critical as it moves the time beyond the “Blocking Period”)
  4. Using the quick Change buttons “A” and “B” respectively, set the date and the day of the week of the last full moon (see “Full Moon dates” table below.)
  5. Using the crown, rotate the hands forward to the current day and date. As you do this you will observe the Moon Phase changing. When you arrive at the current day/date, the Moon Phase is set.

Setting the time

Turn the crown until the current time is displayed. Make sure that you set the time in the correct 24 hour cycle.

For example, for 2:00PM, the hour hand must make one complete revolution after the Day/Date indicators have indexed to the next period.

Once you are satisfied with the Day/Date and Moon Phase settings, push in the Crown to position “1” and then “push in” the crown while rotating it clockwise until the crown is fully seated.

The settings are now fixed and the watch is protected against water and dust ingress.

Quick change correction for Date and Day

Pusher “A” can be operated at any time (outside of the “Blocking Period”) to set the date, without the need to unscrew the crown.

Pusher “B” can be operated at any time (outside of the “Blocking Period”) to set the day, without the need to unscrew the crown.


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