Everything you need to know about your Balmer Stratos

Balmer Stratos watch utilizes a Swiss made RONDA normtech 7004.B Movement with Minute/Hour/Second hands and a Big Date window.

Additionally it features a sub-dial seconds counter.

The Crown at the 3 O’clock position is used to set the time and date for the watch.

The Balmer Stratos is accurate to within +20 / -10 seconds per month.

The batter used to power the movement is a type 381 (SR1120 SW).

Operating the Crown

Your New Balmer utilizes a “Screw Down Crown” to protect the movement against water and dust ingress.

In order to operate the settings on your watch, you must first unscrew the Crown by rotating it 2-3 turns in the anti-clockwise direction.

Do this gently until you will feel the Crown “spring out” To “Position 1”.

Setting the Time

Unscrew the crown until it “pops out” to position “1”.

Gently pull out the crown from position “1” through position “2” to Position “3”. The watch will stop.

Turn the crown until you reach the correct time.

Once you are satisfied with the time settings, push in the Crown to position “1” and then “push in” the crown while rotating it clockwise until the crown is fully seated.

The settings are now fixed and the watch is protected against water and dust ingress.

Note: In Order to set the time to the exact second, the crown must be pulled to position “3” when the second hand (subdial) is pointing at position “60”. Once the hour and minute hands have been set, the crown must be pushed to position “1” at the exact second”

Setting the Date

Pull the crown out to position “2” ( the watch continues to run)

Turn the crown Anti-clockwise (only the date dial is operated in this position) until the correct date appears.

Push the crown back to position “1”.

Note: The date can also be changed during the day-changing phase between approx. 8.00 pm and midnight. The date of the following day has to be set during this period because no automatic date change takes place at midnight.


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