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  • Atalante – Black Plated Case / Rose Gold Dial

    $340.00 $238.00
    Original Balmer beauty

    Named after the low-slung Type 57 Atalante made by Bugatti. Designed by Jean Bugatti himself, it’s one of the most expensive cars in the world and this 49mm masterpiece exudes the same feeling of a luxurious lifestyle and mechanical grace.

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  • Cobra – Black Plated Case / Black Dial

    $360.00 $252.00
    Sleeker case. New colors. Upgraded materials

    The Cobra has been a longtime running model for Balmer, and as an aggressively styled sport-tonneau it was a huge success. However, as all things do, the Cobra needed to evolve. With such an elegant shape, it was time to take the Cobra to the next level.

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  • Db9 – Black Plated Case / Black Dial

    $280.00 $196.00
    A timeless soul with a passion for adventure

    The DB9 is the true spirit of Balmer. Elegance in a daily-wearable timepiece. The DB9 displays a sophisticated opulence due to the rich finishing of each watch.

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  • E-Type – Black Plated Case / Black Dial

    $320.00 $208.00
    Premium luxury/sport instrument

    Named after the legendary Jaguar E-Type which from 1961 to 1975 set records and garnered much acclaim for Jaguar, and helped to establish them as one of the premier luxury/sport brands in the industry. This design replicates the luxury established by this great car and adds a degree of complication by its busy dial.

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  • StratosStratos

    Stratos – Stainless Steel Case / Black Dial

    $340.00 $204.00
    Rugged, tough and fast.

    Named after the legendary Lancia Stratos, whose reputation is engraved in rally car history, the Balmer Stratos is rugged, fast, and tough. With its clear and precise dial and genuine leather strap, the watch embodies a decisively masculine style.

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